03 Nov

You should know that with technology today, you better think about starting a mobile spray tanning business because it is a popular demand these days. A lot of people are getting really busy with their schedules these days and a sunless tanning experience is what they need. People want to go to the beach and just lay there for a tan but it can be very time consuming. This is why they choose sunless tanning services because they can get their desired tan without losing a lot of time for work. The increase of this demand has led a lot of people to start their own mobile spray tanning business. You will be able to feed the demand of the people by reading the article below; it is going to teach you how to start your own mobile spray tanning business.

1. Make sure that you research about self employment as well as government regulations in your place. This is important so that you don't step on laws and regulations that might get you in trouble in the future; ignorance of the law excuses no one, right?

Make sure that you research what it takes to start your own business because it is going to help you get a better idea on which things to do and not to do. You have to understand that self employment is going to be tricky for some people because they cannot manage their own affairs; can you? Gain as much knowledge as you can when it comes to starting a small business because this is going to make everything easier for you in the long run. If you see that starting a small business is indeed good for you and that you are capable of doing it then it is a go signal for you to start a mobile spray tanning business. You really just have to know more about the government regulations about businesses. This is something that you need to do just to be on the safe side; there are some governments that imply different laws and regulations when it comes to starting a business. Incorporating your business is also important especially if you plan to have employees from the start. If you choose to operate on your own then you will remain the sole proprietor of your mobile spray tanning business. Handling a business alone is going to be hard especially when it in demand like mobile spray tanning business.

2. Make a business plan

The key to a successful business is a well thought out business plan with clear short term and long term goals. The business plan should also include careful financial analysis. Be sure to include the costs of your time and your sunless tanning supplies, as well as gas and car expenses. Competitor data, such as prices and hours, should also be included in the business plan and used as a business model. Talk through the business plan with a trusted family member or friend that has owned a business. This will help you find holes in the plan and areas of trouble.

3. Meet with a local bank or lender

When your business plan is complete it is time to meet with a local bank or lender. Prove to them that you have conducted market research and have planned budgets for materials, marketing, and personnel. While a mobile spray tanning business does have lower overhead, it will still be a significant financial endeavor because you need to purchase spray tanning equipment, supplies and licenses. The estimated cost of starting a mobile spray tanning business is around $10,000.

4. Take a training course

Visit the National Tanning Training Institute or the American Tanning Institute website to enroll in a training course in your area. A training course is necessary to learn the proper spray tanning technique. A training course is also a great way to educate yourself on the latest FDA regulations, as well as skin preparation, allergy concerns and spray tanning solution ingredients. Even if you know the basics of spray tanning, a course can teach you additional tips, such as how to provide your service to pregnant women.

5. Purchase spray tanning equipment

Conduct research to find the right spray tanning equipment for your new business. Consider the cost, the amount of overspray, the rate of the spray, the noise factor, as well as the size and weight. A great choice for a new mobile spray tanning business owner is a HVLP spray tanning machine, which has gained popularity due to its speed, ease of use, limited overspray, portability and affordable cost. One especially great HVLP tanning machine is the SprayMate PRO HVLP tanning system which weighs less than six pounds total so it is very easy to carry. Visit this homepage for more insights.

6. Build a customer base and advertise your business

Decide on the areas that you will serve and reach out to potential customers in that area. Don't limit yourself to only homes in that area, businesses, gyms and stores are also great places to offer your services or gain potential customers. Recognize how important word of the mouth advertising is and encourage your happy customers to spread the word to family and friends. Giving out flyers with coupons is a great guerrilla marketing technique. You can also take advantage of social media by building a Facebook and Twitter page that includes pricing, a map of your locations, special offers and what area you will be in that day. Interact with your followers and let them know that you want to help them achieve a healthy bronzed glow!

For further info, visit here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_tanning

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